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~Connecting the WORLD to JESUS, One Soul at a Time!~

In the summer of 2014, God planted the seed of the Connecting Church, into the hearts and spirits of Pastors Antonio & NaTavia Hunt. God gave them one simple mandate, “Connect the WORLD to JESUS, One Soul at a Time!” This mandate is what the entire Connecting Church is based upon. We are literally going back to God's original intent for the church, which is seeking and saving the lost. Connecting Church is a place of freedom! Worship is not hindered by the need to have a structured program, rather it is strictly governed by the leading of  Holy Spirit. It is our goal at Connecting Church to be led of  Holy Spirit in all aspects of ministry. It is also our goal, to cultivate an authentic worship experience for everyone. We want those that visit Connecting Church to experience God on a personal level through the worship and the word.


It is the heart of our Pastors, to reach the community on a consistent basis. God has given them the mandate to reap the harvest of the souls of those who are outside the four walls of the church. Not only did God give them a heart for the lost, He has also given them several unique and unconventional avenues in which to reach them. Our Pastors understand that in order to reach the world, we are required to meet them where they are. Just as Jesus came to reconcile us back to God, we want to provide the same opportunity to the world as His representatives in the Earth. By taking the love of God to the world, all men will come to know Him, thus "Connecting the WORLD to JESUS, one soul at a time."

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