LEADERSHIP. We will develop a culture of leaders who will fulfill the call of God on their lives, by taking their rightful positions in the body of Christ and in the earth. The mark of a great leader is the ability to produce other great leaders


LOVE. Our goal is, to develop a culture of love where people can come and experience the genuine and unadulterated love of God by Him and through us. This will take place as we raise up a people who truly know how much God loves them and receives His love in every area of their lives. Once they are made whole in this love, they will be able to love others as our Father loves them.  We want to produce a lasting change by continuing to love people to freedom.


ONENESS. We will develop a culture of oneness where everyone within the body operates on one accord. This means that there will be a foundation of teamwork where everyone is working together to accomplish the vision of our house. There will be no competition amongst us because every person and role is significant in fulfilling our purpose. As every joint supplies liberally, nothing will be withheld from us. 


FAITH. A culture of faith will be developed by raising up a people who understand what faith is and how to live by faith. This means, that we will teach how to take God at his word and hold onto His promises until fulfillment takes place. Defeat is not an option and we will not take no for an answer. We will continue to press into the Kingdom of Heaven until every promise of God is manifested here on the earth. 

WORSHIP. A culture of worship will be established by teaching that we were created to live a lifestyle of worship. God created us to worship Him in everything that we do. An authentic worship experience can be cultivated when we understand that worship is not just a church experience, but an everyday life experience. We want to cultivate a worship experience where the presence of God cannot be denied, and where we are propelled into a new level of glory each time we gather together in corporate worship.


PRAYER. A people who understand the power of prayer will establish a culture of prayer.  Instead of murmuring, gossiping and complaining about things that we want to see changed, we will pray. Our words are life, and confession brings possession of the promises of God.  This holds true as the bible states, that the power of life and death lies within the power of the tongue. A culture of prayer allows us to remain in constant conversation with the Father, which in turn will destroy the need for death producing words. 


INTEGRITY. A culture of integrity will be established by teaching the people of God how to have standards and how to not be conformed by the world’s system, instead to be transformed by God’s word. We will stand for what the bible declares at all cost and without compromise. 


SELFLESSNESS. A culture of selflessness will be cultivated by teaching people to put the needs of others before their own, which is the heart of God towards His people. It is through everyone fulfilling the needs of others that will help to eradicate people’s fear of not having their personal needs met.


KNOWING WHO YOU ARE. A culture of people who know who they are in Christ Jesus will be established by the mandate to develop a personal relationship with Him. The more we look at Jesus, the more we discover who we are in Him.  It’s through teaching people how to spend time in His presence, hear his voice, and receive His love and correction that we will behold the reflection of Him in our lives. In knowing who were are, we will walk in son-ship, as Jesus did in the earth. We want a culture where people not only know the word of God, but have personal experiences with the word that are evident in their lives.

ACCOUNTABILITY. A culture of accountability will be developed in order for every person to remain connected to God and to one another. This culture of accountability charges one to be responsible to the Father and fellow members of the body. This will produce a dynamic group of people who will carry out the desires of Heaven. Connecting Partnerships will be created in order for each person to have someone that they are accountable to and for. It is through these partnerships that each person will receive edification, support, encouragement, teaching, training and direction by the leading of the Holy Spirit, from people of like faith. This will help avoid anyone from becoming a lone ranger. It will greatly decrease the chances of any person falling by the wayside.


FREEDOM. The Connecting Church will develop a culture where the church is not bound by religious theology and the traditions of men. It will be a place where the people of God will be able to be free in who God has made them to be. This culture of freedom will be developed by creating a worship experience where people can freely express their love for God. The worship experience will be solely lead by the spirit of God to prevent the religious traditions and pride of men (women) from being in operation. This atmosphere of freedom will allow signs, wonders and miracles to take place in our midst. It is also through our teaching of the finished work of Jesus, that people will walk in freedom from all sin and the affects thereof.


HONOR. A culture of honor will be established through, teaching the body the heart of God concerning servant hood and submission. It is important for people to understand how to serve and submit under the leadership of spiritual authority.

that will allow you to be successful in your future."

"It is the values that you have at your core,

-Antonio Hunt Jr.

Lead Pastor