"Connecting the World begins at Home!"

-Pastor Antonio & NaTavia Hunt

Antonio & NaTavia Hunt are relevant and empowering voices for God in this generation. They have been empowered and equipped by God to teach the word with simplicity, power, conviction, and understanding. Antonio & NaTavia Hunt are people after the Father's own heart. They are the epitome of two young people that have answered the call of God on their lives. At the age of 21, Antonio & NaTavia Hunt were married, to further strive to fulfill the destiny that was set for their lives. They have three beautiful children, two girls and a boy that they love, cherish, and adore.


Collectively, Antonio & NaTavia Hunt have been called to minister and preach the gospel to the world. They have shared in many experiences including witnessing the healing power of God manifest through their very hands and right before their eyes. By the power and love of God, Antonio & NaTavia Hunt accepted God’s call to ministry. It is out of that reception, that God birthed out of them a vision for a church that will show the world who Jesus really is: LOVE! From that vision, the Connecting Church was born. They were given a mandate from God to “Connect the WORLD to JESUS, One Soul at a Time.” They love people and have a heart for all mankind. Anyone that has spent time with them knows that they are giving, genuine, kind, and loving people.


The heart of Antonio & NaTavia Hunt is to host a worship experience where anyone, regardless of race, gender, occupation, or sin, can come and experience an authenticity like no other. They view people the way that God views people, thus giving everyone an opportunity to make a difference in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Antonio & NaTavia Hunt are fun loving people and enjoy a great time. They enjoy spending time with one another and with their family and friends.

Jeremiah 3:15

"God will give you Pastors after His own heart.."

Our Pastors

Antonio & NaTavia Hunt