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Weekly Devotional: June 29th 2015

God: The ULTIMATE Source!


God is your ULTIMATE source. The other things of the world that you think are your source, are in essence resources that are used to provide for your daily needs. For instance, a nursing mother may not be with her child at all times, but her child still has to eat. The source which is the mother, now has to provide a resource in order for her child to remain fed. A bottle will act as a resource that will be a way of provision for the child. What happens when the bottle runs dry and the resource is no longer available? The child goes back to the source. The source has an UNLIMITED supply and has the power to re-enable the resource to function properly. The best thing about the source, is that it does not need the resource in order to function, but the resource maintains a job because of the source.


Your job is NOT your source! It is a resource that God uses to provide you with finances, but He is your source. When your job ends, and the money is gone, do not stress because the resource has dried up. Return to the source which provided the supplies in order for the resource to be functional. That man or that woman is not your source of happiness. So when that relationship ends or doesn't turn out how you planned, return to your source to obtain your happiness. Allow your source to be what you rely and depend on. If you continue to put your trust in resources, you will continue to be disappointed. Your Heavenly Father, your source, will never run dry!


Devotional Prayer:

Dear God,


I love you and trust you with my life! Just as you take care of the birds of the air, what more would you do for me? Please help me to continuously live by faith and not by the circumstances or situations around me. I place my trust back into your hands, and I reinstate you as my source. I die to money and the thoughts of laboring for my needs to be me. I simply rest in you being my source in EVERY area concerning my life. Father, please help me settle my unbelief. FEAR, I speak to you now, and declare that you no longer have dominion or power over me and my faith! I decree and declare, that I walk by FAITH and NOT by sight! Satan, your assignment over my life has been CANCELLED by the Blood of Jesus! I thank you God for the revelation knowledge of you being my source. I thank you and I believe and I receive all of these things, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!!


***Be blessed and remember to live from the storehouses of Heaven!***





Scriptual Application:

-Matthew 6:25-34

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