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Pastors Antonio & NaTavia Hunt are the lead pastors and founders of Connecting Church, along with being the founders of ANHM (Antonio & NaTavia Hunt Ministries), an outreach ministry under the Connecting Church umbrella.

His acceleration in knowing God and His word rapidly increased. He began to have encounters with God more regularly and develop a solid relationship with Him. During this time Antonio was also baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. This further increased his zeal for God, and ignited a fire in him that could only be quenched by the presence of Abba! Antonio always possessed a heart for people but while growing closer to God it magnified. He wanted to serve people in anyway that He could. Since Antonio had a passion for music, he started there. He immediately became a member of VCMI's music department and began yielding his gift of drums to serve God and the congregation. Fellow congregants would always be rave about the anointing on His life and how He brought Heaven down to earth every time He played. Antonio didn't stop there though, He also served in the teen ministry, where He became an example for many teens. At the age of 19, He met His wife Pastor NaTavia Hunt who also also a dedicated member of Victory Christian Ministries International. They were a perfect match from the start. They dated for two months before getting engaged. Two years later, they made the lifelong commitment to become one to pursue their destiny in God together. During their marriage God began to downpour great revelation on marriages. They began coaching other couples, and wrote a curriculum and work book to use for their sessions. Throughout Antonio and NaTavia's relationship they began meeting with their Spiritual Parents The Brazeltons  who spoke into their lives about them being called to the 5 fold ministries. In the beginning of 2015 the Lord spoke to Antonio to step out and begin the Connecting Church. After receiving the blessing from his spiritual father Antonio began planting the Connecting Church in Annapolis, Md. 


Antonio has also had the opportunity to evangelize by going out to preach at other ministries. From local churches to different states God has been using Antonio to preach the good news wherever He make the connection. He has also started building online church followers through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Periscope. He is literally living out the vision of the Connecting Church which is to "Connect the WORLD to Jesus One Soul at a Time." 


Antonio is also an amazing writer and author! He writes for our blog The Connect, and has also written for Just Me Magazine which is a Christian online publication. 


Pastor Antonio is a dynamic voice for this generation. Because of his age and wisdom He has the ability to reach a vast range of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ! His life's mission is to reach as many people as He can and to see the world changed for the God that He serves. 

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