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Matters of the Heart


If you are single and looking to date, our Relationship Preparedness course is just for you. Allow us to give you some sound wisdom, guidance, and knowledge on how to navigate through your single days while pursuing love and remaining pure before God. If you are single and NOT currently dating but want help navigating through singlness, our Advantage LIfe course will empower you to live your single life to the fullest extent possible!

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Courting, Dating, & Engaged

If you are Courting, Dating, or Engaged, then the Doing it God's Way course is right for you! Allow us to coach you through the different stages of your relationship. We will provide you with the tools to successfully navigate your way from your first date all the way down the aisle! This course is a 9 session intensive course that will help you understand relationships, your partner, marriage, and the scriptual design for our covenant relationship. You will gain successful skills that will help you to become a better you for God and a better mate for the future. 

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Whether your marriage is in EXCELLENT condition or on the brink of divorce, everyone can always improve and be better. You never want to get to a place where you feel as though you "HAVE IT". There is always room for improvement. If you want to improve the quality of your marriage and strengthen your covenant, then our 9 session Marriage Enrichment course is perfect for you. Register to receive life changing tools that will enhance the effectiveness and fruitfulness of your marriage.

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GROUP & FAMILY SESSIONS (Teen Sessions Included!)

Antonio & NaTavia Hunt are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of Gods people, young or old! ANHM offers group sessions for teens and adults, as well as Family Sessions. Whether it be conferences, summits, retreats, or small group settings, there is coaching and help available for everyone no matter their learning styles! Register today for a family coaching session or to join an ANHM group session. To have Antonio and/or NaTavia Hunt at your next event, please complete the Speaker Request Form under the About ANHM tab!

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Coaching is availabile across these platforms:





In Person

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